Social Activities In Washington D.C.

Posted by Kerry on December 7, 2015 in Washington DC | Short Link

Growing up, one of my favorite traditions as a kid was going to the movies. Because the movies were expensive (and it added up with every movie), going to the movies in the summer wasn’t exactly my parents’ favorite activity. However, for parents in Washington DC, summertime means free outdoor movies and even though the most popular one, Screening on the Green on the National Mall has (at this point) been canceled, there are plenty of other free outdoor movies that are playing if you are willing to look around. In particular, I’m excited about all the movies that will be playing in Crystal City this summer. They’ve decided that the theme for this year is superheroes, so for those with kids (and kids at heart) there will be everything from Superman to Batman to The Hulk and more. In order to pay for these movies and other activities, my parents have often needed to borrow money or find some fast cash. Get The Money You Need Now!

While it is no secret that the Washington, D.C Happy Hour is as vital to the businesses well being as it is to the sanity of her patrons, there are some Happy Hours which exceed the competition with better drink prices, added bonuses, and even nicer (and more attractive) bar and wait staff. As the dollar becomes ever more elusive it is to these little known Happy Hours the smart Washingtonian will bring their beer boot. In honor of the time honored tradition and the thrill of a good Happy Hour at a great price, we present some tips and place to go for a great Happy Hour experience.

Driving all around bars in Washington does have its advantages but when you are in a large group then it is better if you charter a bus. When you have a mix of kids, teenagers, and adults then driving will be a tough task with all the chatting going on behind you. Moreover, you will miss out on all the fun because you will be concentrating on the road ahead of you. Getting from one place to another will be a huge inconvenience and a good option is a bus charter.

When looking for the right activity to do after work or on weekends, make sure you do some research and figure out what your group interests are. If people want to drink and eat, there are many bars and restaurants in the city. Take the downtown institution, Mackey’s, for instance. In addition to the typical Sherpherd’s pie, the pub kitchen offers a Guinness steak & mushroom pie, with a Guiness gravy beneath tender, flaky crust. If your friends want a night out, there are countless clubs and bars to check out. You better take out some cash because it is much easier to pay with cash in the bars than using your card. If you’re low on funds, check out Fastest Washington Payday Approval Website