Obvious Things About Photos Of The White House

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City Guide Washington Dc – Profiled

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The capital city of America, Washington DC has numerous destinations that you must go to when you go there. Some of the things to do in Washington DC include DC by foot, Smithsonian (free admission), Washington national monument, Lincoln memorial, great falls parks, chesapeake and ohio canal, mount vernon, georgetown, etc. Washington DC provides a lot of activities consisting of sporting events, monoliths, guided trips, celebrations, outside activities, museums, world class dining, and art galleries.

Any individual seeking to transfer to Washington D.C. will certainly likewise appreciate that the city as a comprehensive public transportation system. Public transport is an essential part of living in Washington, D.C.; with a population that doubles throughout the workweek. The public transit in the city consists of a substantial bus and subway system and the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority is enhancing the number of busses and trains in their system as time goes on making sure that there is ample transportation in place as the population increases.

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Smithsonian: Must-do thing in Washington DC – Smithsonian is the world’s biggest museum and research center made up of 19 museums. It features artwork, historical icons, dinosaurs, Italian renaissance painting and far more.


Washington DC Tourist Attractions

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Visiting a big city is a huge deal.  Visiting Washington DC is even a bigger deal!  We know how hard it is to try to find new spots to eat, tour, and go out, so we’ve created a list here for you to make your life a lot easier.  You’ll find tourism facts, visitor information, as well as things you need to know if you move here!  We provide resources to find space such as office space or apartments for those of you looking to move here.  So let’s get started!


  1. Number one on this list is obviously the White House.  It’s the official residence for the President of the United States, as well as the most visited tourism spot in Washington DC.  It’s address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Public visits are allowed during certain hours of the day in certain areas of the grounds.  You can get a special tour of private areas of the house if you sign up, but you’ll get a background check.
  2. If you’re into history, you might want to check out the Lincoln Memorial.  Built during an eight year span from 1914 – 1922, it was to honor President Abraham Lincoln.  The interesting fact is that it was built after the President had passed away.  He had helped abolish racism at the time, and the monument has been the place for many famous speeches.
  3. The Washington Monument is another historical site for those of you interested in politics and history.  It is an obelisk and looks like a very slim, tall tower made of marble, granite, and bluestone gneiss.  It is a symbol to represent the first President of the United States, George Washington.

That’s it for this time, but come back soon for more information on Washington DC and all that the city has to offer!